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Warranty and Service Plans

All SsangYong vehicles now come standard with the 5 Year Freedom Plan. The 5 Year Freedom Plan ensures the following:

  • 5 Year 150,000 km Warranty
  • 5 Year 150,000 km 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • 5 Year 90,000 km Service PlanKorean Quality Guaranteed

All SsangYong vehicles come with a Warranty and Service Plan.

Warranty Plan

Our Warranty is in place for 5 Years or 150 000 km

Service Plan

Our Service Plan is for 5 years or 90 000 km.

Our Service Plan provides our customers with the guarantee of only the most qualified technicians, the best technology and the use of genuine SSANGYONG parts.

Our Service Plan Covers:

  • Repairs to all major components beyond the Standard New Vehicle Warranty.
  • All service work stipulated in the SSANGYONG customer service booklet.
  • The oil replacement.
  • The verification of vehicle mileage on the SSANGYONG Service Plan system.
  • Access to a 5 Year 150,000km 24-hour roadside assistance through SSANGYONG

Your SsangYong can be serviced at any of our dealerships throughout South Africa, as well as Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. You can also transfer the balance of your Service Plan contract to a new owner if you sell or trade in your SSANGYONG.

The SSANGYONG Service Plan Excludes:

  • All alterations, modifications, accessories, tyres, glass, soft-top canvas and accident damage.
  • Any repair work resulting from the owner's negligence or abuse.
  • Paint, body and trim repairs


You do have the option of renewing your service plan so that you're covered for up to 5 years or 150 000 km, but only before your current service plan expires. To renew your Service Plan, contact your nearest dealership or call our customer care centre on 0861 SSANGYONG.

After Sales Service and Parts
Genuine Parts

Caring for your Ssangyong

Our passion for our cars continues long after they leave our factory floor, which is why we do everything we can to help you keep your SsangYong in pristine condition long after we make the sale.

Regular Services
It is important to service your SsangYong regularly and follow the recommended times set out in your maintenance schedule. If you service your car at a franchised SsangYong dealership, we guarantee that they will use only genuine SsangYong parts.

Maintenance Checks
Performing general maintenance checks requires minimal mechanical skill and only a few general automotive tools. These checks and inspections can be done by yourself, a qualified technician, or a franchised SSANGYONG dealer.

If your vehicle appears to malfunction, have the systems checked and tuned by one of our qualified technicians. We ensure that our technicians are well trained and kept up-to-date with the latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips and internal dealership training programs. You can be confident that the service department of your SSANGYONG dealer will perform the best job to meet the maintenance requirements of your vehicle, in a reliable and economical way.

Genuine SsangYong Parts
The latest automotive technologies, countless hours of testing and high-quality components go into making genuine SsangYong parts. This ensures reliable performance, year after year. We put a lot of care into making sure authentic replacement parts are available for all SsangYong vehicles, whatever the model, the year or the type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do I need to have the oil changed in my vehicle?
A. Your owner’s manual gives a full explanation of the types of maintenance as well as the time intervals of when the services should be performed.

Q. How can I obtain a key code for my vehicle?
A. Your SsangYong dealer will have the diagnostic equipment required to re-code a vehicle key.

Q. How can I obtain an owner’s manual for my Ssangyong?
A. Contact your nearest SsangYong dealer with the model year and vehicle type. They will then order the relevant manual for you.

Q. When does the warranty on my Ssangyong begin?
A. The warranty begins on the date the vehicle is delivered to the first retail buyer or put into use.

Q. How long does my warranty last and what does it cover?
A. Our new vehicles have a warranty period of 36 months or 100 000km. To find out exactly what your warranty covers, visit our Warranty and Service Plan section.

Q. Is there a deductible for warranty repairs?
A. No.

Q. Who will determine if the repair to my vehicle is covered by my warranty?
A. Your SsangYong dealer will be able to diagnose the problem and advise on whether or not the repair is covered.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for a warranty repair that is not done at an authorised dealer?
A. No, your warranty generally requires that you use only authorised SsangYong dealers.

Q. Can I modify my vehicle or add accessories not authorised by Ssangyong?
A. It is important to maintain and care for your SsangYong as outlined in your Owner’s Manual and Service and Maintenance guide. Keep copies of all maintenance records and receipts to minimize the chances of your warranty coverage being denied. Your warranty does not cover damages caused by the use of non-genuine SsangYong parts or accessories.

Q. How often should I take my Ssangyong in for a service?
A. First, you need to determine whether you are operating your vehicle under normal or severe conditions. Then refer to your Warranty Information and Maintenance booklet to find the appropriate service schedule. If the required kilometres are not reached, the vehicle should be serviced once a year.

Q. Is my battery covered by the warranty?
A. Yes, it is covered for 36 months or 100 000km. A defective original battery that becomes unserviceable within the first year, will be replaced free of charge. After 12 months, we will pay 50% of the cost of a new battery, and after 24 months we’ll pay 25% of the cost of new battery.

Important Accident Information

Helpful Tips

  • In case of a collision, turn on your hazard lights and move to the side of the road, if possible.
  • Assess the situation before exiting the vehicle. Are you injured? Is it safe to leave the vehicle? In case of injury, call emergency services immediately.
  • If you’re on a highway, we recommend waiting for help inside your vehicle.
  • When exchanging contact details and insurance information with the other party involved in the collision, do not discuss the accident or admit fault.
  • Report the accident to the police and call your insurance company to initiate a claim, as soon as you possibly can.
  • When speaking to your auto insurance agent or repair shop, insist on genuine Ssangyong parts.

Customer Support

Vehicles sold by Mahindra South Africa (MSA) SsangYong Dealer network:

  • MSA and its network will be responsible for after sales support in terms of warranty, service plan and roadside assist.

Vehicles sold by previous distributor: Imperial

  • If under manufacturer’s warranty will be supported by MSA SsangYong Dealerships.
  • If out of Manufacturer’s warranty but under retail warranty will be supported by Imperial workshops.
  • All Vehicles sold by Imperial with a maintenance plan will be supported by Imperial workshops.
  • All Vehicles sold by Imperial with Service plans will be supported by Imperial.
  • Details of Imperial workshops will be available from the after sales team.

SsangYong Customer support number: 0860-662-44632

E&OE, Terms and Conditions apply.
Mahindra South Africa reserves the right to change specifications, pricing and equipment without notice. Specifications may differ from the models depicted. Please consult your dealer for full details, specifications and availability